burbek is a Canadian-owned private corporation offering solutions for all sizes and types and sizes of businesses - from small ventures to large enterprises and government.

About Burbek

Quite simply, there’s no smoke and mirrors you’ll find with burbek. And while we are indeed modestly-sized in company scale, we are substantial in our ability to deliver. Knowledgeable and dedicated to our field , we work exceptionally hard to give our clients world-class solutions for a fair price. It is our size that gives us agility, while also lending a far more personal touch to our client connections. And with minimal organizational overhead and bureaucracy to weigh us down, we still remain large enough to have specialized resources and a capacity for delivering superior results.

At burbek we believe in delivering highly effective solutions with the most advanced techniques and technologies available in today’s market. And this, within a timeframe and budget that suit a wide diversity of needs. We are in fact recognized for doing just that.

burbek’s Vision

To deliver superior solutions together with world-class product and service offerings to our clientele, while distinguishing ourselves with the highest ethical standards of honesty, trust and integrity. We are passionate about contributing to the success of our clients and truly value the long term relationships we are privileged to share with them.

burbek’s Services and Solutions

At burbek, we strive to deliver effective solutions of utmost quality within a timeframe and budget that suit our client’s needs. Whether it is fulfilling a technical resource requirement through sub-contractor placement; creating a unique marketing design, hosting a web presence/email; or custom developing a web site or back office application, burbek can deliver exceptional results.

In simple terms, burbek is:

  • Creative marketing design;
  • Professional web and software solutions;
  • Reliable hosting;
  • Expert consulting.

burbek’s Team

Given the collective experience and knowledge of the burbek team and its' extended network of affiliates, there is very little that we cannot deliver.

burbek firmly believes and supports the idea that in order to deliver high quality services and solutions, you must first start by employing the finest people in the industry, those who are enthusiastic, creative, and committed to their work.

Our talented and dedicated team members collectively bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in architecture, infrastructure, programming, design and much, much more. However, learning doesn’t stop there; burbek continually encourages professional growth through ongoing training and by providing an environment that is conducive of personal development.  It is only with this relentless drive for personal and professional self-improvement that we remain on top of today’s evolving market.

In short:

  • Experienced;
  • Knowledgeable;
  • Committed to delivering superior quality.

burbek’s Technology

In delivering our solutions and offering our services, we adhere to modern techniques and accepted best practices for design, development and system operations, and we make use of leading software tools.

Our domain hosting service boasts commercial-grade servers and networking components, all contained within a world-class data centre. Infrastructure is continuously monitored and our clients may contact us for technical issues 24/7 through our dedicated support channel.

Within our design/development environment, we make use of leading tools/IDEs (integrated development environments) for superior visual design and software programming.

burbek’s Word

Whatever it takes.