The burbek business streams - professional services, Internet-enablement, software programming, and creative design - are indeed broad in terms of a corporate offering, yet are focused considering interrelationships amongst them.

Within professional services, we can fulfill the need for a specialized resource though traditional sub-contractor placement. Through our internal systems development practice, we can help you realize your corporate Internet presence - from a static website to complex business applications with server-side programming, database persistence, and enterprise application integration. Through our creative design practice we can deliver superbly crafted and strikingly unique visual creations.

Our bims web content management service offering empowers you to self-author and manage your web site structure and content – from the information on the pages themselves, document links, interactive showroom, e-commerce products and services, and so much more. Beyond that, with our dedicated cloud-based hosting platform we can keep everything reliably secure on the Internet and you connected to your customers.

What distinguishes burbek is the specialized focus on its established core competencies and delivery of solutions through those capabilities. Another defining aspect of burbek is that of a solid foundation. We are rock solid in our approach given the collective experience and capabilities of our core team; the sound infrastructure basis underpinning our domain hosting service; and the superior, yet competitive, offering of our services and solutions.

As a Creative Design and Information Technology Solutions company, servicing the private and public sectors, burbek is focused on providing our products and services in the following key areas: 

  • Creative design;
  • Web site design, development, and maintenance;
  • Web site & email (domain) hosting;
  • Social media enablement & maintenance
  • Server co-location;
  • IT Professional Services;
  • Custom software development;

Product solutions

  • bims – excellence in web content management