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bims Site Builder

bims Site Builder is an integrated offering to the burbek hosting platform that delivers intuitive and powerful control over the content of your web site.

No more costly/untimely maintenance through your web developer; with bims you can manage website content easily and immediately yourself. Just the basic package (i.e. the menu/web builder module) alone allows fully dynamic menu structuring and web page authoring putting content definition and maintenance easily under your control. From there pluggable modules can optionally be added, as your business needs demand, to offer features such as: membership/registration; showroom; e-commerce; correspondence (e.g. inquiries and newsletter); and event calendar.

Furthermore, every bims service includes a standard hosting package (advanced or custom can be configured at any time).

Depending on the needs of your business, your budget, and your timeframe...bims can be deployed instantaneously with a standard template or, more commonly, can be configured with a richly creative look-and-feel to uniquely suit your business.

It is a straightforward fact that in cases a business can be very unique in its product and/or service offering and thus demand a very specific feature. No problem! bims is engineered with extensibility in mind and can easily incorporate custom module development of any nature. Some examples of custom module development whereby bims was extended include: member directory, phonetic translator with dictionary manger, and power of attorney card generator). Each of these custom modules plug into the membership/registration, and in cases e-commerce, to quickly and economically achieve a feature rich web application completely fine tuned to a specific business requirement.

bims truly is the answer to autonomy and power when it comes to web content management. The sky is the limit for what bims can achieve and your world is under your control when bims comes into play.


    Application Services

Core siteBuilder

  menuBuilder / pageBuilder 
  • Dynamic menu and web page wysiwyg creation.
  • Content can be textual, graphical, or linked document of any format (pdf, spreadsheet, presentation, animation/movie, document, and the like). 

Add-on Modules

  Membership / Registration 
  • Secure menu / Module access.
  • Registration to site functions (prerequisite to ecommerce & correspondence modules). 
  • Interactive graphical portfolio with textual description.
  • Categorical grouping. 
  • Dynamic wysiwyg creation.
  • Automated email distribution with progress indication. 
  • Customized web form to capture client input.
  • Inquiry notification and management. 
  • Categorical catalogue of products / services.
  • Textual and graphical description.
  • Three-stage invoice (define, commit / acclamation, confirm).
  • Integrate with banking institution or paypal for CC processing.
  • Reconciliation reports.
  • Payment card industry (pci) certified. 
  • Brings emphasis to key information by publishing 'quickLinks' to a specific frame.
  • Links to site content or external URL. 
  Event Calendar 
  • Interactive calendar for publishing key events/dates. 
  • Manage advertising placement within a designated frame.
  • Advertising spaces can link to site content or external URL.


  • Custom module development of any nature — Modules built and integrated into bims for specific clients include: member directory, phonetic translator w/ dictionary manager, power of attorney card generator, and e-book viewer.

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