24/7 support, better than 99% targeted uptime, world-class infrastructure, peace of mind for your business

Hosting Packages

burbek offers a rock solid hosting service. Our high end servers are housed in a world class data centre within the Ottawa area, we offer 24/7 support, and our service level target for equipment uptime is 99.9%.

Our hosting begins at $11.95/month for static sites. Higher end packages include server-side application containers and database storage for the most complex of business requirements. If a standard offering doesn't quite fit your requirement, we can customize a package to meet the needs of your web and email traffic and the nature of your web site.

Prepay your hosting package for a one-year term and save two months hosting fees. Take us onboard for an end-to-end custom development solution or ongoing maintenance and further capitalize on savings with hosting.

    Base Fee Email
(J2ee/Custom CGI) 

Static Site 

  Model 1-Internet
Presence Package 
  Lite  $11.95  75MB  1.5GB 
  Standard  $14.95  10  250MB  5GB 
  High-end and
/or Custom Solution 
Contact Us  As required  As required  As required 

Business Application 

  Model 1 - Server-Side
Application Processing 
  Lite $19.95  150MB  5GB 
  Standard $29.95  10  500MB  15GB 
  High-end and
/or Custom Solution 
Contact Us  As required   As required   As required  
  Model 2 - Server-Side
Application Processing
w/ Database 
  Lite $39.95  150MB  5GB 
  Standard  $59.95  10  500MB  15GB 
  High-end and
/or Custom Solution  
Contact Us  As required  As required   As required  
  Model 3 - Hosted Database;
Data Storage 
  Lite  $17.95  N/A  250MB  10GB 
  Standard   $42.95  N/A  1000MB  20GB 
  High-end and
/or Custom Solution  
Contact Us   N/A  As required   As required  


  • Prepayment of one-year term qualifies for 16.67% discount (i.e. pay for 10/12 months - 2 months free)
  • Web mail interface and web reports included on all web related packages, all levels.
  • Shared CGI scripts included on all web related packages, all levels.
  • Database offerings include a secure web-based interface for database administration.
  • J2EE base container is Servlet/JSP (2.4/2.0 or 2.3/1.2); an EJB (3.0 or 2.0) container is available at $45.00 per month under a custom solution configuration.
  • J2EE container base memory allotment is 128MB; additional 128MB incremental allotments available at $25.00 per month.
  • One time setup fee on static site of $15, on business application of $35; setup fees waived with term prepayment. Domain registration and administration costs extra.
  • (1) additional 50MB block of disk space is available for $5 per month.
  • (2) charge of $0.025 per additional MB outbound traffic over base allottment.
  • (3) ftp provides secure file access to your server space.
  • (4) ssh provides secure console access to your j2ee container environment.

Co-location Offering

Acquiring and supporting server and network infrastructure and the many operating system and application services is costly and time consuming, too much so for many businesses to justify supporting this component of operations internally. Focusing on the core business and placing critical enterprise services into a data center to achieve reliability and security, and introducing technical resources dedicated and specialized in maintaining that equipment and the services they run, is a sensible approach for many business models today.

Through our Internet data center provider burbek is able to offer dedicated server and co-location.
The key difference between dedicated servers and co-located servers: in a dedicated environment, the server itself is owned by the provider, whereas in a co-located environment, the server and even the networking components in cases, is your own.

Our providers' facility is an ultra-secure, class "A" Internet Data Centre and through it you realize:

  • redundant fiber-based backbone connections to multiple Tier 1 Internet backbone providers;
  • massive power distribution system with full UPS backup and diesel generator protection;
  • biometric access control systems and video camera surveillance;
  • gas fire suppression system and pre-action sprinkler system;
  • redundant, computer grade air conditioning and humidity control systems.

Furthermore, provisioning dedicated server and/or co-location through burbek allows you to capitalize on the facility infrastructure while taking advantages of certain economies. Within this offering burbek can provide partial or end-to-end supply, install/configuration, maintenance, and operational reporting of server, switch, and firewall components and even operating system and certain application services (such as RDBMS, LDAP Directory Services, J2EE Application Containers, and so on). Please contact us to learn more about our dedicated server and co-location offerings.